Body Contouring/Sculpting

Body Contouring/Sculpting

Think of that playdough that you played with as a kid (or an adult).  Wouldn’t you like to remold parts of your body?
Body Coutouring

What is it?

Face & Body contouring treatments effectively remove stubborn fat deposits, reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten loose skin and visibly improve the shape and contours of the face and body. Alma Accent uses combined technologies to eliminate excess fat and loose skin, visibly improving the shape and contours of the body. The synergy of ultrasound and RF technologies achieves superior results to those of either technology on its own. Cold ultrasound shear waves selectively destroy fat cells while UniPolar RF accelerates their metabolism for fast lymphatic drainage. The application of RF heat energy following fat destruction induces a volumetric contraction effect, tightening the skin and improving its texture while also building new collagen.

Does it Hurt?

The treatment is virtually painless and has absolutely no downtime. The treatments site can get a little warm as we heat the skin. It should not be uncomfortable though. We will talk with you throughout the treatment to assure that you don’t develop any “hot spots.”

What Can It Do?

Face & Body Contouring

A combination of ultrasound and RF technologies achieves superior results, giving you a naturally sculpted appearance without the pain and downtime of more invasive procedures. Look thinner, feel better and reveal the beauty of your natural contours.


The dimpled, lumpy skin associated with cellulite is a challenging concern that plagues many women today. Numerous remedies are available, but ultimately, most are ineffective.
Accent Prime offers a clinically-proven solution that effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Skin Tightening

Over time, the smooth texture and volume of youthful skin give way to signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin.
Accent Prime uses high RF energy to lift and tighten mature skin of the face and body, enhancing your natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

As we age, the tone and texture of our skin changes.
Accent Prime uses microplasma RF technology to smooth out and balance the skin- improving overall skin tone and texture, improving the appearance of stretch marks and reducing superficial pigmentation, while helping to bolster the skin against future aging.

Is it safe?

Treatments with Accent Prime are safe and effective for all skin types (I-VI) as well as for thin and delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.

Is there any downtime?

You can go back to your activities immediately.

What happens to the fat?

Accent Prime features patented Cold Ultrasound Shear technology that selectively target fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The transverse wave vibrations disrupt fat cell membranes, leading to gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. Damaged fat cells are then disposed of the body through the lymphatic system.

How many treatments will I need before I see results?

Well, depending on the indication that you want to treat, we recommend 4-6 sessions, but mostly results can be seen by the second session!

How long does each treatment take?

That depends on the indication, the area of treatment, and the patient’s individual profile. Treatment can take between 20 minutes to an hour.

The newest and most advanced workstation for body contouring and skin tightening:

Focused Depth Control

Patented Alma Unipolar technology allows for focused, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths within the skin. With variable depth control, practitioners have the flexibility and precision to treat the target area for optimal results.

Depth control Accent Prime, Body contouring

Target Fat Cells: Cold Shear Wave & Hot Ultrasound

Accent Prime features a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse Ultrasound wave technology. This wave is called Shear wave which allows to selectively target fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The shear wave vibrations disrupt fat cell membranes, leading to gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. Damaged fat cells are then disposed of the body through the lymphatic system.


Using unique microplasma technology, the Accent Prime Pixel RF™ module provides skin resurfacing treatment by both ablating and heating the skin. Through controlled perforation and focused energy delivery, Pixel RF treats the affected area while leaving surrounding healthy tissue intact. This allows the skin to heal faster as the epidermis is regenerated, yielding improved results with minimal risk and reduced downtime. This technology is perfect for tightening and resurfacing areas such as the face and neck.

Before and after:

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