Skin Resurfacing

What is skin resurfacing?

We have two options for  Skin Resurfacing:  Fractional Ablative Laser and Pixel RF RadioFrequency Skin Resurfacing.

Option #1: Erbium Laser

The Erbium laser, today’s most popular fractional skin resurfacing laser, is a gentle option for laser skin resurfacing.  It is ideal for those who want significant and immediate change in the skin texture and tone, but have little time for prolonged healing periods.  Erbium laser treatments have rapid healing times and shorter periods of redness than other ablative treatments. The Erbium iPixel Laser can significantly improve the quality of the skin in general. It can increase the moisture content, reduce surface pigmentatioin, smooth the skin, and minimize pore size.

The Erbium Fractional Ablative Erbium Laser involves smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  The outer layers of damaged skin are ablated, which means the tissue is removed.  This is a gentle process.  The ablated skin will slough off and be replaced by new skin. The lower layers of the skin are toned at the same time, which creates a smoother, firmer look.  Our Erbium Laser can reduce the appearance of fine lines, and in some cases improve skin texture

Option #2: Micro Plasma Pixel Skin Resurfacing

At Vivo, we have the latest generation microplasma technology for the treatment of aesthetic and medical skin problems patented by Alma Lasers. It is called InMotion Refractive Radiofrequency Micro Plasma Technology, With Accent Prime RF Pixel your skin can be fully resurfaced by combining a very precise thermal and ablative effect.

In this treatment method known as Accent Prime RF Pixel, powerful fractional radio-frequency energy is used to make very fine micro-channels on the surface of the skin. The channels are made at a controlled depth, that stimulates collagen production.

This technology makes it possible for darker skin types to finally have fractional “laser” resurfacing!

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

The adjustable treatments can be tailored to the specific needs of each patient.  By gently ablating the epidermis, the laser selectively targets tissue to significantly improve various aesthetic imperfections.  The ablative tissue sloughs off and is replaced by a fresh new skin.

Does it hurt?

Far more comfortable than conventional laser skin resurfacing, the both treatments can be performed with topical anesthetic.  In other words, ask for it!  Some people prefer it, while others aren’t bothered by the laser. However, you will have to come in at least 45 minutes prior to your appointment for the topical anesthetic to work. You can also pick up the anesthetic before your appointment. It will not relieve all the pain.

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