What is “Laser Skin Resurfacing?”

Are you confused about all the laser resurfacing treatments? Let us help you understand options for facial resurfacing.

What is laser skin resurfacing? Laser skin resurfracing is FDA approved and proven way to successfully reduce lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars, pigmentation problems, skin tone, and even tighten the skin. With a consultation, we can determine which laser is best for your skin concerns, as well as your skin type.

What is the best time to have laser skin resurfacing? You might have heard the term “laser season.” Fall or winter is the recommended time for any laser treatment because skin will be more sensitive to the sun and exposure can cause pigmentation issues. There is one exception, and we have it! Micro Plasma Pixel skin resurfacing (see below). Pixel resurfacing can be performed safely on any skin type, any time of the year. However, we still have to be cautious of our melasma patients, as heat can also flare melasma. Pixel resurfacing is a major breakthrough for darker skin types.

Ablative, Fractional Ablative, Non-AblativeIs it all confusing you?

Ablative – An example is the CO2 laser. This laser requires sedation and ablates the entire surface of the skin.There are days or weeks of discomfort and oozing, and sometimes months of swelling. We can get almost the same results with other treatment combinations that require 5-7 days of downtime. We do not offer this.

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

The Erbium Yag is today’s most popular skin resurfacing laser. It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, texture and tone. It has little down time. The outer layers of damaged skin are ablated by laser, while the lower layers are toned. Erbium offers a fractional ablative laser.

Fractional Ablative – The Erbium YAG Laser is the most demanded laser resurfacing across physician’s offices today. It is a fractional ablative laser. That means that the laser creates controlled wounds in the skin. Unlike the CO2 lasers, only a small percentage of the surface is damaged, leaving the healthy cells to help heal the skin. The thermal injury in the dermis result in collagen remodeling and healing. This treatment, combined with our ZO serums will give you similar results as a CO2 laser treatment, with much less downtime and risk.

Micro Plasma Pixel RF Skin Resurfacing

Pixel RF is a cutting edge non-invasive microblative radiofrequency treatment that works on scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and other skin issues. Pixel RF causes the skin to heal itself from deep within by delivering heat energy to the innermost layers of the skin.  Pixel RF causes the skin to respond by healing itself. It also has little downtime. This is safer for darker skin tones. It can be done any time of the year, for any skin type!

Micro Plasma Pixel – This is the newest and most advanced technology. Pixel heats and ablates the skin through focused delivery of radio frequency (instead of light). This can be used on all skin types, all year round. RF will tighten the skin more than light-based lasers, because of the use of radio frequency. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated which plumps the skin and gives you back that youthful glow. We combine this with our ZO serums, for superior results.

If you prefer ZERO downtime, our ClearLift Laser is for you!

Lunchtime Face Lift

The award wining ClearLift is a highly effective skin rejuvenation treatment that has achieved amazing results in clinics across the globe. Considered a ‘lunchtime procedure’ due to its quick and easy “In-and-out” approach, ClearLift is virtually painless, requires no downtime, and is completely safe for all skin types, any time of the year!

Non-Ablative Laser Resurfacing – ClearLift Laser is the leading non-ablative laser today. It’s non-ablative nature, goes below the surface of the skin, leaving the entire surface intact. Nobody will ever know you had a treatment! The laser stimulates collagen growth and breaks up pigmentation.  Because of the non-ablative nature, you will need a series of treatments. However, it is safe for all skin types, and you can apply your make-up when you walk out the door. You don’t have to put your life on hold to look younger with this treatment.

With our ClearLift Laser, you can walk in and walk out with your makup reapplied, if you wish. This is for patients that don’t want any downtime, or maybe you just don’t want anyone to know our little secret!  You can apply your makeup and go back to normal activities immediately.

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